Bereavement Group

8-week course

This therapeutic group, will help you to create the space to:

  • Connect with others who've had similar experiences.

  • Talk about your feelings - whether it be: sadness, numbness, anger, guilt, or fear.


  • Learn ways to cope and manage symptoms connected to the loss such as anxiety or depression.


  • Honour your loved one with others in the group.


  • Explore what 'moving forwards' might mean for you.

What will the group be like?

It will be a small group, with a maximum of 8 participants, so you will have space for yourself in the group and will have the opportunity to speak as much or as little as you like.

Each week we will look at a different topic linked to bereavement: from self-care, to managing difficult feelings. 

We will use a mixture of talking therapy, creative exercises, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy - to explore these issues together over 8 weeks. 

The group will be lead by Kate Shayler, a qualified counsellor and experienced group facilitator. 

Who is the group for?

Losing someone is one of the most universal of all human experiences. Yet, we often find it hard to talk about, which can leave us feeling alone with our grief.

Maybe you’re worried about burdening or upsetting others with it? Maybe you’ve been looking after everybody else? Or you’ve just been powering through? 

This group is available for anyone who has lost someone - a friend, colleague, partner, or family member - it could been in the past year or past 50 years.

I will arrange a short assessment with all participants to check that this group is right for you.

How do I book on?

The group meets weekly for 8 weeks, every Sunday at 10.30am - 12.30pm.

To book, click the Book Now link, and add your details, I will then get in touch to arrange a short assessment either in person in Muswell Hill or by phone.

The cost of the group is £360 (£45 per 2 hour session) payable on up front, unless agreed separately.

The group will be held at Muswell Hill Counselling (Lonsto House, Princes Lane, London N10 3LU). Just off the Broadway, round the corner from the John Baird pub.